How Much Can You Earn Selling Xocai Nuggets?

Monument entrepreneurs wanted Put a little time in selling Xocai Nuggets and you can earn a little extra income. Put more time in and you will earn more. Both of these statements are true, but because of the magic of residual income, the MLM compensation formula does not advance at the same ratio. Let me explain.

With the Xocai Nuggets network marketing opportunity, you have to start out by putting in enough hours to build an income-generating organization. How much time? That is different for everybody, but some serious Monument network marketers work full-time in the beginning. Then things change…

When your frontline recruits and trains successful Xocai Nuggets distributors, you begin to earn more money without working more hours! As your Monument business snowballs, eventually you can work less and earn more!

Can you be successful with a XoBiotic Squares home business if you only work part time? Absolutely! You will start out earning a little extra cash by your own sales of XoBiotic Squares in Monument. If you recruit new XoBiotic Squares distributors, you will begin to earn money from their sales.

It takes a little longer, but you can earn steady income by working part time selling Xocai Nuggets in Monument and online.

Are you ready to start? Call me (Elsa Shields) at 719.439.0142 to join my XoBiotic Squares team.