Plastic Alert For Parents

Plastic Alert For Manitou Springs Parents Hello new Rocky Mountain Region parents. Today’s Healthy Children’s blog focuses on BPA. Bisphenol A (BPA), the dangerous compound used in plastics manufacturing can now be detected everywhere in our environment: in our food, clothing, homes, offices, soil, water: you name it.

‘Since at least 1936 it has been known that BPA mimics estrogens, binding to the same receptors throughout the human body as natural female hormones.’1

What does this mean for our wonderful children? Numerous scientific studies suggest an increased risk of  several illness and neurological problems.

Infants are the most susceptible to even minute amounts of BPAs. Unfortunately, most infant formula containers and plastic bottles contain BPAs and other toxins.

What can parents do to reduce the risk of these chemicals finding their way into their child’s formula or baby food?


1) Do not heat plastic containers in the microwave.
2) Do not wash plastic containers in hot water.
3) Consider using glass bottles and containers.

These are simple steps that any parent or day-care provider can take.  Talk to your doctor and see if tossing your plastic bottles is a good prevention option.

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1David Biello, “Plastic (Not) Fantastic: Food Containers Leach a Potentially Harmful Chemical,” Scientific American, Feb. 19, 2008,, accessed on May 16, 2011